It has been almost a year since my last post… When I think about it, I do feel really sad. But what I have also realized during this time is how much I missed it. How much I missed writing.

So I am back and hopefully here to stay 🙂

I also wanted to share some updates, what has been happening and also some very exciting news, as you can probably tell from my heading!

But let’s rewind back and go to Madrid (my last post) and what has happened since.


In August we went to South of Italy and spent a week there, visited beautiful Amalfi coast and Ravello. To say I have never seen a place more beautiful in my life, is not to say anything really. Amalfi coast itself is something from a fairy tale combined with a cool french riviera vibe.

And when you come up to Ravello, the view from the top is breathtaking. If you do intend on going, make sure to factor in the time of going all the way up, as the town is based on the mountain top and is set 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is easily accessible either by a public bus, taxi, bike or you can even walk if you feel brave enough. We opted to get up in the public bus, which was a true Italian experience in itself, but was absolutely and totally worth it. The views take your breath away and the little town with it’s picturesque villas and gardens make you feel like you are in a different world.

When we go to South Italy, we stay in the little town called Torchiara. It is located about 2-2.5 hours drive from Naples and about 30-40 minutes drive from Agropoli. My other half’s family is from there, and, even if no one lives there full-time, his mum and sister usually spend a couple of moths during the summer there and we join them for 1 or 2 weeks in August – usually for Ferragosto.

Ferragosto is major Catholic celebration of the Assumption of Mary that takes place on the 15th of August. While there are amazing festivities taking place during this day, everything else is usually closed. From the shops to the post offices and public transport.

After staying in Italy for almost 2 weeks and spending some time with Mauro’s family, we went back to London.

Until we came back to Italy… 🙂


In the end of September for our friend’s wedding. The celebrations took place in Varese, near lago Maggieore in a very beautiful church and villa afterwards.

The bride’s parents got married in that same church and her grandparents used to own the villa many years ago, so the place was very special to her. It was also truly beautiful.

The wedding itself was a morning wedding, which is not usual for Italians I must say. We also were quite skeptical about how it all was going to work out. In the end, however, it turned out to be one of the best planned wedding I have been to. The timing for everything was perfect, there was no waiting around trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

The church service was scheduled for 11 and lasted about an hour and a half with all the photo taking afterwards. Then we headed to the venue, where we have been served with delicious canapes and reception drink. In the garden behind the villa, in front of the lake, were set up tables and chairs for all the guests to relax and mingle. Light bites, charcuterie and cheeses were to die for set up on separate tables in the garden were to dies for. As all the Italian food to be honest, but still, I can not not mention it again ? 


After coming back from the wedding, it was nice to stay in London for a bit. As Mauro was also settling in his new role (he changed internally within the company and moved from Internal Audit to a Finance Controller role), we could do with some travel downtime and mentally prepare for the next trip, as it was going to be tricky. 


We were heading to Milan for “The Parents meeting” 🙂 Well, it wasn’t actually the purpose, but just happened really. The trip to Milan was our present for my both parents’ birthdays. And if they were in Milan, it would be not possible not to meet Mauro’s family. And so it happened.

The difficulty that we had, and I guess will always have is the language. My parents don’t speak Italian and speak very minimal English. Well, they more understand, but can’t really speak. Mauro’s Mum doesn’t speak English, and the Italian she speaks, is not proper Italian either – as it is mixed with dialect from the area she is originally from.

Now, I do speak Italian, but I am not fluent by any means. So the conversation between the parents went this way: Mauro’s mum would say something in Italian, Mauro then will translate it to me in English, I will then translate it to my parents. And then other way around. It is extremely exhausting, I’ll tell you that!

But even with all the translation difficulties, my parents had a great time, and they truly loved Milan. They even started dreaming about having a little house somewhere on the seaside, not too far from Milan haha. Well, maybe one day, who knows?


For our next break we were going to Estonia in December to spend some time with my family, but mainly to celebrate my mum’s 60th. I was a bit concerned for Mauro, as he would be the only English/Italian speaking person amongst 20 Russian guests. Bit in the end it all turned out to be a lot of fun and we all had amazing time. 


The rest of the Christmas week we spent between Florence and Milan. Had a christening of Mauro’s nephew in Florence, where he was a godfather, and then we stayed for New Years in Milan. 


As my birthday is in February, for my present I wanted to go away somewhere for a long weekend. I was dreaming about going to Portugal for a very long time, so this is exactly where Mauro was taking me. Little that I knew that we would be coming back as an engaged couple ?But I think it deserves a separate post, don’t you think? 


For Easter break we had Mauro’s mom over, which was lovely. She spent with us 3 days and we were so lucky with the weather, which always is a plus! We did a lot of walking, a bit of sightseeing and even managed to have a picnic in Greenwich!

Picnic in Greenwich


For the early May Bank holiday we headed to Edinburgh. I have been there before, but Mauro hasn’t and it was my present to him for out two year anniversary. First time I came to Edinburgh was late October and it was outright horrible! It was so cold and raining all the time. This is as much as I can remember from the whole experience 🙂 . So I also wanted to give it ago another time, just in a warmer weather.

Arthur's seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mauro loved it, which was the most important. I liked it as well, but still found it too cold for my liking. But we have been quite lucky and it wasn’t raining all the time, so we managed to do quite a bit of sightseeing and even climb the Arthur’s Seat!

Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

After relatively cold Edinburgh, for the Late May bank holiday, I headed to Paris for a girl’s weekend away!

It was very long awaited and long organised trip. Me and my two girlfriends, we all live in different countries, all have our families, work and they also have kids. It is really difficult to carve out the time and coordinate to meet all in one location, but we managed! And it was so worth it!

It was my first time in Paris, and, while I would have liked to discover Paris a bit more, we finally had some time to spend together, catch up, drink wine and eat delicious food and just enjoy the vibes of the city.

I do think, that I should come back though at some point and do just touristy things 🙂

To sum up and other projects

That sums up the past year in terms of our movements and trips we have taken. As you can tell, it has been busy! We have quite a few more getaways planned for this year, so it will still be busy, but also exciting, as always 🙂

Besides the work, trips and just life, one other reason why I have been absent for such a long time, is because I have been setting up my own HR and Training Consultancy! It has been and still is a massive learning curve for me and I am learning and discovering new things every day. It makes me really push myself out of my comfort zone and stretch myself in very different and bizarre ways. So I have put off doing anything else, until I was more or less set up and had a plan for a at least a few months in advance.

If you guys are interested, check it out the website and follow me on Instagram @viktorigalitsi.

There is also another side project I wasn’t really working on, but it is something I feel passionate about. I have been into nutrition, healthy eating and weight loss for more than 15 years now. It all started with me needing to loose some weight, and then it became a true passion of mine. I have also qualified as nutritionist a few years ago, but never did anything further.

And so, I started a little side project called Diet on Your Terms, where I educate about healthy eating, diet and weightloss, share tips on keto and LCHF eating and share the recipes. So if it is something you guys are interested in – please check me out and follow on Instagram – @dietonyourterms.

@dietonyourterms - qualified nutritionist, eating easy and getting in shape the smart way

A lot has happened since I’ve been off, but this past year made me grow as a person tremendously. And, I hope that I have so much more to offer to you now.

But it is time to finish up for now, as this is a very long post already 🙂

Until the next post,

Yours, Viktoria

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