These quotes help to live through even the most difficult situations in life, as numerous trainings and courses are built on these principles to help heal mental traumas.

These quotes are taken form a book called ‘Heal your life’ by Luisa Hay and are an example that philosophy really works.

Long time ago Luisa’s life was a nightmare. She was raped when she was 5 years old, got pregnant at 15 and dropped out of school and when she was 16, she gave her child away. But her life was dramatically changed by the philosophy that thoughts can heal the body. She started to look into the theory and hold seminars and her own life has dramatically changed since.

When Luisa found out that she had cancer, she found the reason in her hatred to her childhood, as she felt offended and hurt by the way she was treated then and by the rape. She declined all the medical treatments and completely changed her lifestyle – she started to forgive, learned healing techniques, started to eat healthy, relax and clean the body and mind. Louisa states that this was the way she healed herself from cancer. Besides that, her life is now filled with happiness and harmony.

The chosen quotes from her book change the way we think and help psychologists all over the world to help their patients to believe in themselves and help them change their lives:

  1. People who have hurt us, were as scared at some point as you are now.
  2. Our views are formed in our childhood. We go through life creating the situations to fit our views.
  3. Past is gone forever. It’s a fact and there is nothing anyone can do. But what you can do is to change the thoughts about the past. It is so silly to punish ourselves in the present moment for the fact that someone has hurt us in the past.
  4. We need to make a choice to forgive everyone without exception, especially ourselves. Even if we do not know how to forgive, all we need is a strong desire.
  5. When a person gets sick, he needs to look in his heart who he needs to forgive.
  6. What we think about ourselves, becomes our reality. Our every thought creates our future.
  7. Acceptance of yourself is the key to the positive changes in our life.
  8. Love yourself is to celebrate the fact of our existence and be grateful for this gift.
  9. Whatever we do, we get back.
  10. To change someone else, you need to change yourself first. You need to change the way you think.
  11. The more you hold on to some idea, the sooner you need to get rid of it. Intrusive ideas are dangerous.
  12. If something in our life is easy for us, then this is not a lesson – this is something we already know.
  13. Our body always communicates with us. If only we had time to listen! Every part of our body reacts to our every thought and our every word.
  14. Self critique is switching off your ego. You have taught your brain constantly to humiliate yourself and resist changes that it is just too difficult for you not to pay attention to what it is saying.
  15. Get rid of the thoughts that make you unhappy. Do things that you like and that bring you joy, meet people who you feel good together with.
  16. Before you can have all the amazing things in your possession, you need to believe first that they are possible.
  17. Everyone, including me, have a full responsibility for all the events in their life – the good and the bad.
  18. Love comes when we do not expect. Desperate search for love never ends in finding the right partner. Love exists not outside, but inside every one of us. Love and be loved.
  19. The best gift we can give to our children is to teach them to love themselves.
  20. Guilt is a useless feeling. It never helps anyone and does not help to change the situation.
  21. Every one of us went through loss, betrayal, offence. The sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to forget and forgive those who hurt us. What is done is done, it is now in the past. When we forget about all the pain we had in the past, we break the chains with the past. Until we learn to forgive, past will never let us go and we can never be truly healthy and happy.

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