The major payoff to cultivating your signature style is the confidence you feel because your look says it all: “This is who I am”. ~Rachel Zoe

While looking fashionable is great as well as wearing the latest trends can feel really amazing, nothing can compare to having a wardrobe suited for you and ALWAYS having something to wear that is appropriate for any occasion. A wardrobe where every item fits you perfectly, suits your figure, highlights the best and hides the not so best parts.

To be able to have such a wardrobe though, you really need to know yourself, your body and what suits you – you need to have your signature style worked out.

Having your signature style is knowing what suits you and what works the best for your body type, what colours are the best for you (you know when you are wearing a particular colour blouse and your face looks glowing or your eyes sparkle) or what type of dresses and skirts are your best option.

You also need to take into consideration you lifestyle and what you have to do on a daily basis. If your chosen signature style would be pencil dresses and high stiletto heels, but you have to walk to work every day or  get a bus and your work dress code is casual with jeans and trainers allowed, that really isn’t going to work, is it?



Having your own signature style will separate you from everyone else, will make you stand out and will help you ALWAYS to look put together and so effortlessly chic.

For me though, having the signature style is not only the clothes you wear, but how you carry yourself, how you speak, how you behave and how your home looks like. Signature style for me is putting your own signature on the things we wear and the way we live.

But let’s start with our wardrobe before we move to anything else.

So how do you find your signature style?

Take a look at your lifestyle.

What does you day entail? What do you have to do on a day to day basis? Do you spend most of your day outside in the garden or working in the office? Do you work from home? The reason for this exercise is to figure out what do you wear on a daily basis and work around this.

When you start thinking about it, you will realise that you probably prefer a particular type of trousers or certain type of shoes. Your signature style is already there, it just needs a bit of work to uncover it. I personally find that most of the time I either wear skinny jeans or skinny trousers with a top/jumper and ballet flats. I also LOVE dresses, which I prefer over skirts. So when refining my signature style I took all of this into consideration. Although I also LOVE the above mentioned pencil dresses and high stiletto heels, but this just wouldn’t work for me for my every day, however it does work perfectly well for a special occasion or a night out.


Work on what you wear most of the time.

If you wear jeans every day, make sure you choose the model that fits you well and is the best choice for you figure, regardless of what the latest trend is. For example if you have a curvy figure, chose a model that fits you well and shows the best of those curves.

As I mentioned before, I find myself wearing skinny jeans or skinny trousers most of the time, so I made sure that my go to jeans are good quality and the best fit. I am more effortless classic style type of girl, so my go to jeans are true skinny in a dark blue wash from Gap. They are mid rise waist instead of low or high and I find them extremely comfortable and they fit my lifestyle really well.

When I choose to wear a dress, most likely it will be a wrap dress, as this is what I find the works the best for my hour glass body shape, putting accent on my waist and being a little looser around the hips.

Whatever is your go to items – jeans, dresses, or skirts, find the ones that work for you and your body type. The style, the cut and the…

Colour. Find your colour palette.

As I mentioned before, the right colour can make or break your outfit. Some colours will really flatter your skin and make your eyes sparkle, and the others will wash you off, so you can see the dress, but not you.


Th best way to figure out if the colour suits you or not, bring a piece of material close to the face and see how it makes the face look. If your face looks too pale, or maybe becomes a strange shade of grey or yellow, then it is probably not your colour. But when you look in the mirror and  see that your face is brighter, skin is the right colour and shade and all your look just became brighter and more vibrant, then go for it! You probably found the right colour for you. It will take some trial and error and some time to figure it out, but in the end it is really worth it and it will save you time in the future as you will already know what colours suit you and what don’t.


Find your style inspiration.

Find someone whose style is the same as yours or whose style you really like and see  what they wear, how they combine the items and use them as an inspiration for your own signature style.


Your signature style is a way of showing the world who you are. Whatever style you chose, it has to be 100% you and reflect who you are.

As Anna Wintour said “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others.”


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