For most of us morning is usually quite chaotic – first, the alarm has to ring quite a few times before we can get out of bed, or we just simply keep on snoozing – I am guilty sometimes. And the rest of the morning usually ends up being rushed – we are running around the house trying to get ourselves together. No wonder that we are getting bruises all over trying to run from one side of the flat to another. And you end up forgetting your lunch at home. This is all because we don’t have enough time in the morning. It’s no surprise that most of us are dreading waking up any earlier than 9 am!.

Happy people, however, prefer to enjoy their morning instead. Happy people have a special morning rituals, which make them feel better. Here are 8 morning habits that happy and successful people do every morning that help them feel great throughout the whole day.

1.They start their day with gratitude.

Gratitude is connected with feeling happy. They start their day with love. This means that they really value their life and all the small thing in it. Before getting out of bed, they say thank you to their partner. Sometimes they even write in their diaries about the things they are grateful for on that particular day.

2. They start every day from a clean slate.

They know that every day is is a new beginning and an opportunity to start from the very beginning and do or experience something new. Yesterday was possibly the worst day full of mistakes and failures, but today is the day for success and adventure. The people who can not be broken by a bad day are extremely powerful. Their persistence says that they have a clear goal which they are determined to achieve.

3. They pray, meditate or have any other spiritual practice.

Most of the happy people leave highly spiritual life.Prayer is way to connect with our Creator and an opportunity to thank him. Meditation helps to quiet down our monkey mind, concentrate, calm the nerves and it also supports our inner piece.

A lot of happy people use special phrases to set their mind on how their day is going to go. Every day Steve Jobs used to start his morning with a question: ‘If it was the last day of my life, would I be doing today what I am planning to do?’. When Benjamin Franklin used to ask himself every morning: ‘What good should I do today?’.

4. They read.

Many happy people read Bible in the morning, others read inspirational stories or biographies. In any case reading anything that aids personal development and progression is a part of their morning ritual, essential to their further growth. They start their day on a positive note, with new ideas for a daily adventure.

5. They don’t make things more difficult and they don’t rush.

It is difficult to follow a complicated morning routine, so it is doomed from the very beginning. Happy people usually prepare everything in advance. They choose the outfit and prepare their breakfast the night before. Simple morning is much better than have a list of many things you need to do that are going to make you anxious and stress you out.

6. They exercise.

Physical exercise aids good health. There are a few hormones like seratonin, dophamin and norepinephrine that are produced during exercise, help combat stress and prevent depression. Exercise in the morning is one of the first thing happy people do, as they understand that the willpower is much stronger in the morning.

Morning exercise helps blood circulation and gives us energy for the day ahead. Research done for one of the health publications concluded that people who exercise regularly have much healthier attitude towards their bodies and they have more positive outlook on the way the look regardless of whether they have lost weight or not.

7. They get fresh air.

Morning walks are extremely healthy for all of us. It is proven that after taking a walk our brain becomes more productive and effective. If happy people have a dog, they usually would take it for a walk in the mornings. When people breath in morning air, they get a positive charge of energy for the rest of the day.

8. They live in the moment and enjoy every little thing that surrounds them.

Whether they are going to walk their dog or just sitting down in their favorite armchair, they always find the time to enjoy their surroundings, getting a charged with positive energy. They live in the present and they prioritise the things that are important to them today, right now – not yesterday. It is a sort of wisdom that comes with the acknowledgement that you are a spectator and cultivator of your own life.

Do you have any other rItuals that form a part of your morning routine? Drop me a line – I would love to know!

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